Compare and contrast Batman and Superman.

Both Batman and Superman appeared in DC comics in 30-s and since then have often made geeks go into saliva-spitting and outrageous fights. The points of these fights do not only concern the eternal ‘who’s cooler’ argument, but also minor details such assuperhero’s alter ego and real personalities, motivation and spirit.

Those arguments, however, have more meaning than it might seem to a ‘normal’ person with no affection for colorful comic books. These two superheroes represent different approaches to doing the right, as well as different reasons and methods of fighting the evil.

Naturally, the most differences root in the origin of the two DC characters, as well as their abilities and background. While Superman is an extra-terrestrial creature plunged from the outside and revealing his extra powers as he grows up, Batman represents self-awareness and determination to do the right.

The blue-red man with an S on his cape is a “lighter” solution for the problems of the mankind, the solution that was received from the above, while Batman is more of a self-produced tool that have experienced injustice himself.

Protecting the weak and punishing the villains is what unites those two comic characters yet their methods vary to a great extent. Superman is a passive force, activated by someone mistreating the innocent. He does not pursue his enemies on a regularbasis, and his primary concern is neutralizing singular threats. Batman, on the other hand, looks for the main cause. Having arrived at his native town and discovered that it was choking on crime and corruption, he tries to fix the basic reason, rather than punish minor violators.

Superpowers of the two are also of thedifferent nature. While Superman boasts of unusual abilities in extra-human understanding, Batman has good old money, which (note the irony) helps him fight evil just as well. They both try to conceal who they really are, going undercover, and with an alter ego that would prevent any links to their real personalities. However, if Superman turns into a humble reporter named Clark Kent and the differences between the two root mostly in their manners of behavior, Batman and Bruce Wayne are as different as two men can be. Bruce is a careless playboy spending crazy amounts of money on luxurious things. Batman is constantly brooding and going over his own mistakes.

In general, Batman seems to be more deep a character than Superman. Lacking any extra-human powers, he still manages to save the weak, and all of this, having a deep psychological trauma of having his parents killed right before his eyes. He represents hope for those who are not brave enough to fight, proving that even a single person with certain resources can become a powerful force of goodness. Meantime Superman is nothing but an extra-terrestrial boat sent to fight the Great Flood desperately.

Oh, and also, what’s with these ridiculous red underpants?

However, the two of them seem to keep the industry alive and quite striving as millions of Americans fill up cinemas to watch every other superhero movie. Representing two different approaches to fighting for the right thing, they also complement each other and make up a single force of justice.