Mark Zuckerberg and His Success Story

Being in his twenties, this man has become a multi-millionaire with the invention that has united the whole world. The man of the year according to the respected Times and the youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg is sure that if a person is clever enough, he/she has no right to work for somebody else, giving his/her achievements to the boss. Still such philosophy of his life has gone a long way of its formation.

The green years

Born May 14th in 1984, Mark was the only son among four children in the family of dentist and psychiatrist.

Hankering for programming turned up when 10-year-old boy was presented with his first computer. With its appearance, Mark was spending days on end, testing all opportunities of his smart toy. Soon, when he grew tired of changing themes, Mark decided to learn something more complicated and useful that is programming.

Reading books on computer science has done a power of good to the young talent. Though with enough computer knowledge in his head, Mark decided to start small and at first, was creating interesting applications just for own cheek.

Synapse, a smart player which after study of the user’s music preferences was able to produce play lists with no outside help, was one of his early working outs spotted by Microsoft. Surprisingly enough, but Zuckerberg rejected cooperation offer and in doing so, threw thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars overboard.

Fancy that being up to the hilt in his hobby, Mark still made time to studies and out of class activities. Well advanced in mathematics and natural sciences, he did equally well in linguistics and psychology, which he eventually chose for closer study at university.


Academic progress at Harvard University was nothing to shout about since programming took up much of Mark’s time. Not to be expelled, Zuckerberg often took to his distinguished programming skills.

So, for instance to pass an exam in Art, a would-be millionaire has to examine 500 pieces of painting in two days, the task that was impossible even for the whiz kid.

Still Mark managed to bluff his way through the test, having created a website, where users were to comment on each piece of art. That way, Zuckerberg has earned more than one excellent mark to his credit. Yet his ambitious project was still to come.

Social masterpiece “The Facebook”

The story that preceded Facebook creation was quite a numpty one. Feeling bored, Mark Zuckerberg entered Harvard entranet, where students’ personal data and photos were kept and decided to lay on beauty show.

Within hours, he set up the program that pitched upon girls’ faces comparing and selecting the sexiest ones. By evening the number of lookups exceeded twenty thousand visitors, that led to a server collapse.

As early as on February 4th 2004, Zuckerberg launched social network and called it “Facebook.” First popular among students, it soon stepped campus borders and assembled all colleges of the Ivy League.

Seeing that, Zuckerberg turned on the heat to create a universal network that naturally needed serious outlays. Mark met Sean Parker who invested 500 thousand dollars in Facebook. This sum increased with the growth of Facebook popularity, which made the site the seventh most visited in America.

At the same time, bargain offers rolled in with jaw-dropping pricing facilities, that Mark still kept rejecting. Zuckerberg remained master of the situation even after the juicy scandal that accompanied Facebook startup.

Accused by the Winklevoss brothers of stealing the idea of network creation, hardshell Zuckerberg rode the storm and won a suit. Even with the last chance to abjudge Facebook at Supreme Courte, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are out of the running.

Plain millionaire’s living

As a rule, money makes people worse, though Mark Zuckerberg turned out to be a nice exception. His status of the billionaire hasn’t influenced his lifestyle. As before, Mark wears shabby clothes and goes to work on foot. Even the three buildings of his “empire” bear certain similarity with the university dorm where he started his project.

However, when it goes about business, Mark is very demanding and rarely strokes his colleagues for a well-done job. He wants them to throw their hearts into work. That is why, there are no half-hearted people in his team.