Online Education is just as Good as Classroom Learning

Online education or e-learning has already become a standard practice. More students decide in favor of taking distance classes because of the great number of advantages online learning offers. Still, traditional educational system has an ace in the whole, offering irreplaceable face-to face communication. Are there any chances for online learning to become a dominant way of getting knowledge? Is it just as good as a time-honored classroom education?

Online Education – Classroom Learning: Score 2:1

The first and the most distinguishing feature of the online learning is that it is convenient. Whatever one may say, but this is the advantage that raises no objection. No matter where the person is, all he/she needs to have a lesson is computer or laptop and access to the Internet. Schedule, home assignments, learning material – everything is worked out on individual basis. There is no time limit as well, since one may have online class even in the evening, which is very convenient for students who work part-time.

Traditional education also has strong advantages. Attending classes, young people can lead a bright students’ life, join clubs and unions, take part in concerts and competitions.

Distance education has been conceived to create supportive environment for individual learning. A well-known individualized approach, that plays crucial role in education, is realized in e-learning in the best way possible. Thus a student is given as much attention as it is needed. Consequently, he\she can improve skills and knowledge, eliminate weak points and take that information useful for professional growth.

Classroom learning can also offer students individual assistance from professors and tutors, who a student can find in campus. At times it may be even more effective than with online education, since a student can get multidisciplinary help.

However, distance learning gets more popular offering persuasive advantages. Money is one of the governing factors influencing students’ choice in favor of online education. There is no need to commute to campus and pay for educational materials. What is more, online programs usually cost less than tuition fee at universities. Financial expenses are the reason why more and more universities switch to online learning.

In the end, distance education has proved to be no less effective than traditional one. Despite the claims that studying in classroom, students have opportunity for face-to-face communication and are actively involved in learning process, their test results differ in no way from grades achieved during online education. According to the research published at, students who follow online educational programs perform even better than those, taking ordinary classes.

To sum up, online education is now gathering steam. Even though it looks attractive, it can hardly totally replace classroom education. For now it is just a convenient alternative to it.