School Marriages are Rife with Consequences

Family creation is one of the goals every human being strives to in life. Still, this aim becomes front and center in length of time. It is naturally that a person should first establish oneself as physically and mentally mature personality and come to the moment of absolute readiness and willingness of marriage. That looks like a plan of logical flow of life events. Actually it is and once this “schedule” is violated, negative consequences will not be late in coming.

Early marriages have always been a burning issue in modern society. Therefore an average age for starting a family is 28 in the USA and majority of European countries ( Every couple who is younger than that age risks to break up early. So be sure, that young people, having got married at school, are in still greater hazard. There are of course rare exceptions, but in the majority of cases, school couples are likely to go through the following hardships.

Defeated career and self-development goals

School is time of personality formation. Acquiring knowledge about the world students start to understand which professional way they want to go further. School time is a period of bold dreams and plans of their implementation. At this definite stage, these things are of the front burner.

What happens when marriage wedges in this natural flow of events? After short-lasting euphoria young couple understands, that it will be difficult or just impossible altogether for each to pursue their goal. Somebody will have to sacrifice his/her dreams. Being immature and lacking practical wisdom, none of the young people is able to make concessions. This is where conflict appears. The things are getting worse if there is a baby in the family. Untapped capacity results in constant scandals and hurt feelings. Inability to bear responsibility for somebody else but yourself puts a young family on the edge of divorce.

Thus very often, having got married at school, people regret their step. The life inexorably goes on and once you have missed its one stage you are unlikely to catch up on it.

Difficult financial position

Needless to say, that being pupils, a couple can’t earn their living to the utmost. Without higher education and competence in a definite field young people have no other way but to settle for part-time jobs or eke out family income with odd jobs. Very often one spouse will have to give up studies and bring home the bacon. It is not a better way out to take money from parents. So, no matter which way you look at it, marriages made at school time are doomed for financial troubles.

Public censure

People care much about what people say about them. Even if they pretend not to have concern for others’ judgments, they still do care. Therefore it is emotionally difficult for a young couple when everybody perks their fingers in them.

After all negative consequences of early marriages, there are couples who have managed to save their family and overcome all slings and arrows of life. Still, these are rare cases which can’t be held up as an example. So, if you are about to take such crucial step as marriage, when at school, give it a second thought.