Should celebrities be given more privacy?

No! This is the first answer that comes to your mind when you think of all the things they have that you don’t. Even the nicest person can feel kind of jealous sometimes.

Yes…this when you recollect how Jennifer Lawrence’s REALLY personal photos were leaked.

The question of whether celebrities should enjoy more privacy has always been out there. Laws have been adopted, bold paparazzi chastised, famous people said how indiscreet and exposed they feel. A great deal of those who participate in the discussion are not being quite faithful and sometimes can be directly called hypocrites.

The thing is, a huge part of the fame itself comes from paparazzi, and celebs (or their producers more likely) learned to use it smartly. From occasional boob slip and up to sex tape.It has become a marketing instrument, and a total ban of it would compromise someone’s place on the Olympus.

From this point of view, yes, celebrities do have the right for more privacy. Not only does yellow press reveal things that shouldn’t be revealed, but it also feeds and fondles our inherent want for someone else’s shame. You despise yourself for wanting dirty details, but will most likely choose a Brangelina story over an economic article when on the train.

Want more proof? When was the last time you savored personal life of Bruce Willis? Yes, he might have a taste for younger women, but he is not the only one in the world (although probably the most frequently discussed) to do so.

Consequently, the answer is yes, celebs do need more privacy if not for the sake of their own comfort, then for cleanness of your brain.

There is another reason, and we can aptly call it Kim Kardashian or Stop making mediocre people famous. The habit of the press to go into someone’s dirty laundry (and our craving for it) produces new stars that, in fact, do not have any value of their own. Does it litter the Olympus? No doubt. Does it take attention from deserving ones? Definitely.

Therefore, the question is not whether celebrities deserve privacy at all (that they do), but where the limit is. While marriage details might entertain readers and flatter the bride, nude home pictures are not made for public view. It is a narrow line that shouldn’t be crossed, the line between high curiosity and craving for someone’s humiliation.

Dirty secrets waste room in newspapers and TV air time, turning watchers and readers into a silent herd that eats everything it is fed. Alas, those who don’t want to be a sheep hardly have a chance with all the focus on celebrities’ private lives.