The Influence of McDonalds/Subway/Burger King on our health

Subway, Burger King and McDonalds are among the largest fast food chains in the US. Their yearly turnouts reach billions of dollars and the restaurant maps expand over different continents. So are they truly demonized, or the concerns about the quality of food are overblown by the competition in the market?

Let’s resort to the facts only starting with the large and famous chain.

Burger King

Burger King has expanded from a traditional American fast food offering burgers, sodas and shakes. Now, its menu also has a range of salads, desserts and a larger variety of drinks. Though the chain claims you can have it all your way, the reality is that it is much often a deception. For instance, the line of salads offers you healthier choices but they are not so numerous after all. We are used to saying thank you if a fast food gives us a healthy option among all the junk. But think of it: you are stuffing your body with trans fats and empty-calorie additional options and then saying ‘These guys are good, they also have a couple of salads on the menu.’ Speaking of salads, they are not always those skinny choices we are expecting them to be. For instance, the amount of calories for the Chicken Caesar Garden Fresh Salad is conveniently ‘missed’ at the official website while experts say you could eat a double hamburger for just 65 more calories and even lesser amount of fat. Diving into the detailed nutrition list proves the fact: that salad will add you 450 calicoes while a regular burger gives only 230. It’s almost like chopping two hamburgers into your plate. So the restaurant pretends to be your best friend while stuffing your food with fats and sugar silently.


If there’s a way to be even more hypocritical, than McDonalds should be the chain to invent it as the company has crossed all lines possible on the way to telling lies to their customers. Yes, it’s hard to keep away from that hatred hype that business is surrounded with, but let’s analyze the facts.

In 2012, McDonalds lost a trial to Jamie Oliver, world-famous food activist, chef and educator on healthy nutrition. He proved that the chain used so-called pink slime in its burgers: a mixture of inedible parts of meat like inner organs, skin and fat. They used to be ‘washed’ in ammonium hydroxide and then added to the burgers. However, this does not apply to the UK and Ireland-based restaurants. Would you eat inedible meat leftovers ‘purified’ with a chemical? And now imagine the kids consuming that. After the trial, the chain changed the recipe claiming it was not caused by the campaign. And we also remember the story about the ‘natural flavor’ additives in the French fries they are selling that appeared to be ‘animal products’.


The network is aimed at creating a ‘healthier’ image attracting people in search of a nutritious yet less harmful meal. However, recent research has announced that on average, a sandwich from Subway has even more calories than that made in McDonalds. The research can be called good or bad, but the fact is this: most of the sandwiches vary between 230 and 580 calories, often having around 300 – 400 of them. There are also concerns about the ingredients in bread they use and lack of information on allegedly processed meat. Besides that, bloggers are worried about the condition of the ingredients. Seems that the ‘freshness’ Subway is so proud of is kept up by using preservatives and chemical additives. Yes, they are making that sandwich in front of you, but all the preparations are made beforehand. Experts say the meat is processed and contains modified food starch and soy protein concentrate together with preservatives and artificial flavors. Not better than McDonalds.

These ingredients in a fast food are a serious risk to your body. So stay healthy, keep children away from such places and cook that burger at home.