Why people like watching funny cats videos?

You might be a cat person or not. There is hardly a chance you won’t enjoy one of these cat pictures that went viral in a blink of an eye. The truth is, everyone becomes a cat person, when there is a grumpy cat staring at you from the screen of your laptop.

So, what is it all about? Why are cats watched more often than any other species (even human babies!)? Is it something inherent to our nature or a mean cat’s conspiracy?

The answer that is obviously lying on the surface is cats’ overloading cuteness. Pointy ears, fluffy paws and wiggling tail along with rare affection for their owners seem to make them irresistible for the human race. However, this is not the only thing that helped cats go worldwide, and there are a few less obvious.

The thing is,a cat is a perfect object for memes and jokes. Have you seen what a condescending look a cat has when lying on the radiator and watching silly humans fuss around? This is an iconic cat image. We realize that domesticating cats are not as powerful as domesticating dogs. Yes, we brought them home, gave them food and showed the litter box. For a dog, it is enough to die for you. For a cat, it is to let you be honored with its holy presence.

Due to their wide range of facial expressions, cats represent a much more flexible meme material. If put simply, you can catch a cat in almost any situation, take a photo and think of an appropriate caption that will make people laugh. Dogs represent loyalty and friendship. Cats represent whatever you want them to.

We seem to be utterly amused with the controversy. Cats are jerks, but we love them so much and truly admire their contempt for others.

In some way, a cat represents what every human would want, an object of admiration that does completely NOTHING to earn it. And when we get up in the morning to find cat poop on the carpet or fur flying around, we watch a video where a cat saves a baby from the neighbor’s dog, and restore our hope that cats are probably have some hidden feelings of us.

Furthermore, a cat video is a simple tool of distraction. You don’t need any extra knowledge to appreciate a cat joke, as well as the best of them are only one click away. Reading articles or watching series are the kinds of distraction we cannot afford, as they need more time, while a cat video is only two minutes and we are ready to forgive this little break to ourselves.

The studies on whether cat videos help people relax and then concentrate better on the job are still running. Alas, there are no results that would justify watching hours of cats. They do prove, however, a couple of minutes spent watching a marching cat will not only take your mind off work and thus refresh it, but also improve your mood. All in all, cat vides do seem a panacea.